A Murder is Announced


A Murder is Announced

Here we provide information on everything you need to know about Agatha Christie.

Most Remarkable Writers of All Time

Agatha Christie will probably be described in many names by different people. This notion is due to none other than the massive influence she drew in the literary world with her detective books. An author of sixty-six crime novels and fourteen short story collections, Agatha Christie, is one of the most remarkable writers of all time.

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How She Wrote

Agatha Christie was known to have started each writing journey from the pages of her notebooks. It was here that she jotted skeletal ideas, no matter how erratic they appeared, before developing them into robust plots. The notebooks’ contents could range from anything like the art of using poisons to a regular report of fraud in the newspaper.

Christie's London

While Christie may have pegged many of her settings to Devon, her books have made a home out of London, too. Magical works like Murder on the Orient Express, Lord Edgware Dies, Peril at End House, and a Miss Marple novel, The Murder at the Vicarage, were all written in her house on Campden Street. She lived there from 1934 to 1941.

Christie's Devon

In 1890, Christie was born in the town of Torquay, on the coast of Devon. This seaside location is popular for its scenic landscape and rolling seas. Its endearing atmosphere is what morphed into the settings for many of Agatha Christie’s novels. It is one place that remained foremost in her heart until she died. 

Christie In Print

Agatha Christie is one of the world’s bestselling authors. She has sold more than two billion copies of her book, a figure only surpassed by Shakespeare and the Bible. Christie has authored sixty-six detective novels as well as fourteen short story collections.

Film And TV

Indeed, Agatha Christie has thrilled the world with her exemplary works of art. Each one has been mindblowing and impactfully on the crime fiction space. In further recognition of Christie’s works, some of her books have also been adapted by producers for film and television broadcasts.

100 Years

It has been a hundred years since the publication of Agatha Christie’s first book, “The Mysterious Affairs at Styles.” She wrote the book in 1916. In 1920, after six rejections, the book was finally published. That makes it one hundred years in 2020. She wrote the book on a dare from her sister, who said it would be too difficult for her to do.

Books By Christie

Agatha Christie wrote 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections between 1916 when she wrote “The Mysterious Affairs at Styles” and 1979 when she died. The books are written around two characters, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Fourteen stories are centred around Miss Marple and forty around Hercule Poirot. She published some books posthumously.

About A Murder Is Announced

A Murder is Announced a fictional detective novel by Agatha Christie. The book was published in 1950. It was arguably promoted as the writer’s fiftieth work. She had introduced the storyline in her earlier book, The Companion. The book was released to Julian MacLaren-Ross’s acclaim, who praised it as being at the head of detective fiction like her other works. It was wildly praised by other critics as well.

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