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100 Years

A Celebration of 100 Years

It has been a hundred years since the publication of Agatha Christie’s first book, “The Mysterious Affairs at Styles.” She wrote the book in 1916. In 1920, after six rejections, the book was finally published. That makes it one hundred years in 2020. She wrote the book on a dare from her sister, who said it would be too difficult for her to do. She wrote the book while working as a nurse in a dispensary during World War II.

In the space of time since she started writing, she published a total of 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections. Agatha Christie is hailed as the Queen of Crime and considered one of the 20th Century’s most creative writers. She introduced the famous and loved character of Hercule Poirot. Her work “The Mousetrap” is the longest-running theatre show currently.

We celebrate one hundred years of the Queen of Crimes. We celebrate the amazing and timeless stories she spun and the unique characters that she birthed. Characters like detective Hercule Poirot and detective Miss Marple have lived in her books. Forty stories are written about Hercule Poirot and 

Agatha Christie was christened as a Dame (DBE) in 1971. This was in recognition of the contributions she made to literature. Over 4 billion copies of her novels have been sold over time. Agatha Christie also won a Guinness World Record for the bestselling writer of fiction of all times. 

Agatha Christie’s books have been translated into more languages than those of William Shakespeare. Her book, The Queen of Crimes, ranks as the third most published book in the world. The novel “Then There Were None” is still one of the highest-selling books of all time. It has sold approximately one hundred million copies.

Agatha Christie died on the 12th of January, 1976. That makes it over 44 years since she died. Even so many years after her death, her books remain wildly relevant. Her books come in third only after William Shakespeare’s and the Bible in how many have been sold. Two books were published posthumously by her daughter: Curtain and Sleeping Murder in 1975 and 1976. 

Agatha Christie was awarded the Grand Master Award of the Mystery Writers of America in 1955. In the same year, she received an Edgar Award for the play Witness for the Prosecution. Agatha was voted as the best crime writer in 2013. Six hundred professional novelists from Crime Writers’ Association voted The Murder of Roger Ackroyd as the best crime novel ever. “And Then There Were None” was named the World’s Favourite Christie in September 2015 by a vote sponsored by Agatha’s estate.

Her works have been adapted in radio, television, graphic novels, and video games. Agatha’s works have also been adapted in shows and theatre productions. The first show adaptation was by Michael Morton, who adapted the book, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd in 1928.

We invite you to celebrate the 100th year of this amazing writer with us.