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About a Murder is Announced

The Novel: About A Murder Is Announced

A Murder is Announced a fictional detective novel by Agatha Christie. The book was published in 1950. It was arguably promoted as the writer’s fiftieth work. She had introduced the storyline in her earlier book, The Companion. The book was released to Julian MacLaren-Ross’s acclaim, who praised it as being at the head of detective fiction like her other works. It was wildly praised by other critics as well. 

The Mousetrap remains the longest showing theatre show. Due to its wild success in the tour of 2012, there was a demand for the production of another show based on Agatha Christie’s books. Louise Withers, Michael Coppel, and Linda Bewick began to associate with the Mousetrap Productions Ltd in London to create a show based on the book, A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie.

The plot of the story is that an announcement is placed in the Chipping Cleghorn intimating a murder that would occur on an ascertained day and at a specific time. The villagers trooped to the place where the murder is to take place. Everything seems okay until the lights go out, and shots are fired into the room. By the time the lights come back on, someone has been killed. Which leaves the question: who did it?

Miss Marple, the loved and famed local consultant, and detective, is on hand to solve the mysteries of the murder. The show is an adaptation of the book by Agatha Christie. 

A Murder is Announced, the first work by Agatha Christie’s works to feature Miss Marple on the screen or the stage as the elderly, sensibly-heeled, spinster detective. Agatha Christie herself was quite fond of the character, staying that Miss Marple was not trusting of people but often accepted people for who they are despite their character. She pointed out that Miss Marple was not in any way, “unkind.” 

“A Murder is Announced” is all-Australian. From the producers to the actors to the crew and cast, the show is truly home-made. Grab the opportunity to see Miss Marple “in the flesh” solving the mysteries of the murder in the true Agatha Christie-style. 

The show, which would soon be touring Australia once again, is sure to have you gripped by its intrigues and at the very edge of the seat trying to figure out the complex twists and turns. Do you think you will be able to figure out whodunit? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Come and watch the show until the end to discover who the culprit is and their motive for the murder. We promise you a truly stellar production.

Check out our website to get the tour dates and tour cities for A Murder is Announced. Tour cities include Canberra, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. From the producers of the amazing show, The Mousetrap, it promises to be an awesome show. You can purchase a ticket online on our website, in person, or over the phone.