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Christie in Print

Agatha Christie In Print

Agatha Christie is one of the world’s bestselling authors. She has sold more than two billion copies of her book, a figure only surpassed by Shakespeare and the Bible. Christie has authored sixty-six detective novels as well as fourteen short story collections. In these books are two prominent protagonists with which the public now identifies Agatha Christie’s works. Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are her best-known favourites.

Others are Parker Pyne, Harley Quincy as well as Tommy, and Tuppence Beresford. While Miss Marple is a well-known character, Christie wrote many more books on her male counterpart than she did for her. Nonetheless, she opined that Mr Poirot was rather insufferable. In 1975, after she had published the Curtain, Mr Poirot was bidden goodbye in his obituary, which appeared in the New York Times.

Agatha Christie’s first marriage to Archibald Christie in 1914 ended in divorce in 1928. Her former husband served in the First World War, where he was deployed to the Western Front. Christie, on her part, found work with the Voluntary Aid Detachment, where her occupation in the chemistry dispensary helped her acquaint herself with poisons and medicines.

These would later show up in her future works. Christie began her writing career with a challenge from her sister. Prompted thus, Christie started work on her first detective novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, which publishers initially rejected. The book was eventually published in 1920, and it received moderate acclaim. 

Christie continued to write, publishing more works and developing a huge fan base. Over time, she completed more than one hundred literary works, including autobiographies, plays, short stories, novels, and poetry. In a short stint with another name, Christie published six novels while posing under Mary Westmacott’s pseudonym.

Christie had her second marriage to archaeologist Max Mallowan in September 1930. Together, she went on several trips around the world. These trips formed some of the novels that she wrote, such as Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile, and Murder in Mesopotamia.

Her autobiographical work, Come, Tell Me How You Live, was written in Syria in 1946. This book chronicled their journey in Syria. Christie had equally received commendations from archaeologists for her contributions to exploration work in Syria.

A play written by Christie, The Mousetrap, has seen a continuous performance at the West End Theatre since 1952. Currently, it has peaked at more than 27,000 performances, making it the longest performing play in the world.

Her book, which was titled And Then There Were None, received a 2015 public vote, which identified it as the most popular novel by Christie in the public space. This book is also known to have been the author’s personal favourite and the one which she found most challenging to write.

Christie died in 1976 with an outstanding reputation as one of the best-known crime novelists in the world. She was 85 and till today still leaves people spellbound by her iconic literary works.