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Christie In Film And TV

Indeed, Agatha Christie has thrilled the world with her exemplary works of art. Each one has been mindblowing and impactfully on the crime fiction space. While she wrote these books in the early years of the twentieth century, they still strike resonance with today’s audiences.

Across the globe are fans who still savour the author’s works and pass their votes of confidence with relish. In further recognition of Christie’s works, some of her books have also been adapted by producers for film and television broadcasts.

Agatha Christie-based Films

Among the books adapted for the screen is Death on the Nile, released by 20th Century Studio in 2020. Another one that has gone live is the Pale Horse by Mammoth, ACL, BBC. These are others, such as The ABC Murders, which featured John Malkovich as Hercule Poirot. The movie was telecast in the UK during the Christmas of 2018.

Within the same year, the BBC and Amazon also projected Ordeal by Innocence which put Bill Nighy at the forefront. In 2017, Murder on the Orient Express, another best-selling novel by Christie, was aired with Kenneth Branagh as the lead actor.  

Equally, a show revolving around works by Agatha Christie is set to premiere on French screens in 2021. It is called Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie – 70s.

Intrigues On Screen

One reason why so many people enjoy Agatha Christie-based movies is the blend of intrigue and depth which they offer. The movies revolve around the layered behavioural tendencies of humankind and just how unpredictable they can get. This unpredictability is a feature that always strikes the audience in any show.

It is very hard to tell what turn the movie will take next as supposed culprits may turn out to be the wrong ones after all. Even Mr Poirot, who hinges himself on his uncommon ability to sniff out criminals, is taken down several twists, turns, and complexities that will certainly discourage the fainthearted. The movies also often end with scenes that keep a person in absolute wonder for long minutes afterwards.

Christie’s Characters

In movies like Murder on the Orient Express, a person would continue to remark on the multifaceted nature of the characters. The Dickens-attached Mr Poirot seemed everything else but uncertain about his ability to find the murderer. Then there were the culprits themselves who played the intrigue out so well the detective could not help a few futile motions in circles.

The characters have unique qualities which were all strategically placed to mask the true nature of the murderer. This is something else to look out for. There is no straightforward conclusion to anything, and for people who have not read the adapted work, even the best predictions do not always arrive at the correct answer. One finds this engaging, and it keeps drawing a person back. Christie’s mastery of depths is very commendable. It is also not a matter of imagination to discover why the author had so much fame and still wields it after her death.